Poetry About Mother in Urdu

Do you Love Poetry About Mother in Urdu? I think not only you but everyone on this earth has love and affection for their mother. So, what is the best way to express love for your mother? Poetry is the best way to express love for your mother on any occasion and It is the best way to make her feel special.

If you are living in America, Europe, or any other English country, poetry for Mother in English could be the best choice for you. The people living in sub-continent areas can express their love for Mother through Poetry About Mother in Urdu.

Many Urdu Poets (Urdu Poetry) and English Poets (English Poetry) have written poems about Mother and you could see their collections online as well in the books available in the library. 

Why do you need to dedicate poetry to Mother in Urdu?
Son or Daughter has a deep love for their Mother because the Mother sacrificed for them. A Mother grows their children and teaches them certain moral values. A mom love for children is very deep and nobody can explain its depth.

Love for mother can be expressed through poetry phrases on any special occasion like a birthday, wedding ceremony, etc. Poetry is a way to make the relationship stronger between the Mother and children.

Poetry About Mother in Urdu is available in various styles and some of their famous styles are Sonnets, epics and odes.

Types of poetry about mother in Urdu:

1- Admiring Love Poetry
This type of poetry is all about mothers’ deep love and affection for their children. Admiring Love poetry revolves around mother stability and bravery during a bad time

2- Nostalgic Love Poetry
Notalgic Love poetry is related to old memories between a child and a mother. It remembers them some old memories and time

3- Appreciative Love Poetry
A mother does a lot of things for their children and this poetry is written in the way to appreciate the Mother for the things she done for their son/daughter. Most respectful and thankful words used in this kind of poetry.

4- Protective Love Poetry
This type of poetry shows the love of a mother to the children and It is all about protevtiveness, care and love. If you want to answer the answer the question How much the mother is protective to their children then read protective Love Urdu Poetry and Protective Love English Poetry.

5- Inspirational Love Poetry
Every mother gives some kind of inspiration and couseling to their children. The motivation provided by the mother to child is describe in this kind of poetry.

 Below is the collection of Poetry About Mother in Urdu and English
Poetry About Mother in Urdu

میں اس سے قیمتی شے کوئی کھو نہیں سکتا
عدیلؔ ماں کی جگہ کوئی ہو نہیں سکتا

میں نے کل شب چاہتوں کی سب کتابیں پھاڑ دیں
صرف اِک کاغذ پہ لکھا لفظ ماں رہنے دیا

دنیا میں مجھے جو بھی ، جِتنا بھی مِلا ہے یہ
سب کُچھ میری ماں کی دعاوں کا صِلہ ہے

Poetry About Mother in Urdu

زخم پر پھونک بھی دوا جیسی
ماں کی ہر بات ہے دعا جیسی

وقتِ آہن جب کبھی آیا
ماں کی دعا کام آئی

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