Romantic poetry to express your feelings

Before knowing about Romantic Poetry in Urdu you must understand what is the meaning of love. Have you ever fallen in love? You need to answer these familiar questions. Some people fall in love only once in their life and some fall in love several times. 

Love is the feeling of likeness to someone or the feeling of extreme affection for someone. When you fall in love with someone then you start to make her happy or you want to do something special for her. In this case, Love poetry could be the best option for you to impress her. 

You can write affection poetry for your lover and If you aren’t able to write then you can take it from any online platform. Poetry is the best way to present your feelings and definitely It will help to make someone happy. 

Poetry is available in different languages. For example, If you belong to a sub-continent region then romantic poetry in Urdu could be the best option. Similarly, If you belong to Europe then the poetry in English could be the best fit for you.

Origin of Love Poetry started in Europe and It was the medium to express affection and feelings towards a person. You can find a number of romantic poets in every kind of language.

Romantic poetry in Urdu is mostly read in Pakistan and it is the native language of the residents of Pakistan. Urdu in speaking is the same as Hindi Language but in writing it is different. 

A large community follows the Urdu language. It’s our native language, as in Pakistan. We read and write Urdu fast. Urdu is like Hindi, and in all subcontinents is also basically understood. In Urdu, our mother tongue, we show our thoughts and feelings openly and give our best in Urdu.

Urdu poetry is also used to express the love for Allah and Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Peace be Upon Him. In ghazal poetry, you can use the word Love Poetry.

Hamd is written to glorify the power of Allah and Naat is written in the Affection of  Hazrat Muhammad Peace be Upon Him.

Ghazal is written to show their love for the other person, and the poet praises his or her loved one.

You can send love poetry through SMS to your love, also you can download romantic poetry images and share them on various social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You can share the poetry with your wife or husband. 

For the best romantic poetry in Urdu or romantic Shayari check the below images with poetry:
Romantic Poetry in Urdu

خود کو تم سے جوڑ دیا
باقی سب رب پر چھوڑ دیا

Attached himself to you
Everything else is left to the Lord

رکھ کے تیرے لب پہ لب سب شکائتیں
مٹادیں گے

Keep all complaints on your lips
will delete

Romantic Poetry in Urdu

محبت سب سے بانٹنی چاہیے
مگر خود کو بس کسی ایک سے بانٹنا چاہئے

Love should be shared with everyone
But you should share yourself with just one

تم سکون کا وہ لمحہ ہو
جو مجھے ہر پل چاہیے ۔

You are that moment of peace
Which I need every moment.

Romantic Poetry in Urdu 2 Lines

اپنے انجام سے واقف ہوں مگر کیا کروں
مجھے اک شخص نے دیوانہ بنا رکھا ہے

I am aware of my fate, but what should I do?
A person has driven me crazy

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