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Explanation of Mirza Ghalib best Poetry:

Mirza Ghalib’s full name is Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib. His pen name is Ghalib. Ghalib’s writings have a great number of readers. He gave a helping hand to Urdu literature and his ghazals are part of Urdu textbooks. Ghalib’s Urdu poetry gets a massive readership. Mirza Ghalib Best Poetry is the main category of our website and we aim to make it rich with Ghalib’s writings.

As you are seeing the above poetry verses Ghalib is saying about Love. In simple words, he says love makes his life useless as a lover does those things which are assigned by his beloved one rather these orders are for useless work or something else. A man rubies his life in the search of love from his beloved person but this destination has many hurdles and it makes a person impractical.

Mirza Ghalib Best Poetry
Here you can read Mirza Ghalib best Poetry:

عشق نے غالب نکما کر دیا “
“ورنہ ہم بھی آدمی تھے کام کے

In the following rhyme, Mirza Ghalib said; “Passion had made him coward, instead he was a presentable man”.

प्यार भारी
नहीं तो हम भी काम के आदमी थे

Ghalib has unleashed a truth that love draws a man to the edge of chaos, which he had observed in his life, and converted this observance into his rhyme.

مجھے اپنے کردار پر اتنا تو یقین ھے غالب”
کوئی مجھے چھوڑ تو سکتا ہے مگر بھلا نہیں سکتا”

I have so much faith in my character
Someone can leave me but can’t forget

मुझे अपने किरदार पर इतना भरोसा है
कोई मुझे छोड़ सकता है पर भूल नहीं सकता

Most Popular Mirza Ghalib best Poetry:

بس ختم کرو یہ بازیِ عشق غالب”
“مقدر کے ہارے کبھی جیتا نہیں کرتے

Just put an end to this love affair
The losers of destiny never win

बस ये प्यार का खेल खत्म करो
नियति के हारने वाले कभी नहीं जीतते

اجڑے ہوئے گھر کا میں وہ دروازہ ہوں غالب”
“دیمک کی طرح کھا گئی جسے دستک کی تمنا

I am the dominant door of the house
Eaten like termites that wish to knock

मैं घर का प्रमुख द्वार हूं
दीमक की तरह खा गए जो दस्तक देना चाहते हैं

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