Best Heart Touching Poetry in Urdu

Best Heart Touching Poetry

Here is the unique best Heart Touching Poetry in Urdu with English Translation. You read the poetry and enjoy them.

Best Heart Touching Poetry

اس دردکی تحویل میں رهتےہوئےہم کو “
“چُپ چاپ بکھرنا ہے تماشہ نہیں کرنا۔

Let us take care of this pain
To scatter quietly not to become a spectacle!

हम इस दर्द की कस्टडी में रहते हैं
चुपचाप बिखर जाना मनोरंजन नहीं है

The word says; we’ll bear the pain of the expulsion but not wanted to become a new spectacle. As we will not utter a single word whatever the situation would be. Do whatever you wish to do as I said my word is my bond.

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