Deep Love Poetry in Urdu


Love is a powerful affection toward someone.
Here we discuss deep love poetry. There are many poets who wrote about that. The captive of Love poetry has given a hike of the most beautiful and fascinating poetry in Urdu.
The poet exposes their feelings, or the feelings of people affirmed with them through the use of descriptive language. A Love poem that is not vital: a poem about romantic love, romance, marriage, and commitment could be something absent exclusively.

Most of the popular poets wrote about the best deep love poetry;

A poet says;
"This love is not snap, just accept that it is a river of Fire and you have to swamp"
Love poems have the talent to show the beauty of love and give life to the feeling.
Christina Rossetti shows us how death is a rapturous relationship to an end but she also shows that love can prevail even after death if it has withstood the testability.
She reshows the title “remember” throughout the poem as a method to enhance that she really wants to be remembered by his husband. poet Rossetti remembered her love even "if the darkness and crime leave" yet her love is noble.

Deep love poetry is the most famous poetry in the world.

Because it indicates the people’s feelings and emotions in the patch of woods. Love means emotions related to the heart. And heart’s emotions are very sensitive as they are lighter than the petal of flowers and the sweet smell of the flowers.
Yet; it is important and influential in our daily lives to enhance the beauty of words.

Let’s read the deep love poetry and enjoy it.

Deep love poetry

عشق کے در بار میں دیوانہ مر گیا”
“اے شمع الفت ترا پروانہ مر گیا

The madman died in the court of love
O candle of love, the butterfly is dead

प्यार के दरबार में पागल की मौत
हे प्यार की मोमबत्ती, तितली मर चुकी है

ہوتی ہیں محبت میں بھی کچھ راز کی باتیں”
“ایسے ہی تو اس کھیل میں ہارا نہیں جاتا

There are some secrets in love too
That’s how you don’t lose in this game

प्यार में भी कुछ राज होते हैं
इस तरह आप इस खेल में नहीं हारते

Best Deep love poetry

مٹی میں ملا دیتی ہے ہنستے ہوئے چہرے”
“تقدیر کو رشتوں کی پہچان کہاں ہوتی ہے

Laughing faces mingled in the dust
Where does destiny recognize relationships?

हँसते हुए चेहरे धूल में मिले
भाग्य रिश्तों को कहाँ पहचानता है?

اِک دوسرے کی آہٹوں پر چلتے ہیں سب لوگ”
“ہے کوئی یہاں ؟ جو مجھے رستے کا پتہ دے

Everyone walks on each other’s feet
Is anyone here Give me the address

सब एक दूसरे के पैरों पर चलते हैं
क्या यहाँ पर कोई है मुझे पता दीजिए

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  2. Beautifully expressed! The emotions and feelings conveyed in these poems are truly captivating. The way the poet has put words together to convey the depth of love is remarkable. I especially loved the last poem, it resonated with me on a personal level. Keep up the great work! 💕

  3. Beautifully written poetry! I especially loved the last line of the last stanza, it’s so deep and meaningful. The use of metaphors and imagery is impressive and really adds to the overall impact of the poem. Keep up the great work!

  4. Beautiful collection of Urdu poetry on deep love! The emotions and feelings expressed in each verse are simply captivating. The use of metaphors and imagery is exquisite. Keep sharing more such wonderful works of art!

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