Best Famous Flag Day Poetry


Flag Day Poetry

In the last centuries, some groups of people design spears or other tools to show their identity. After that people decorate their spear or tool with silk, ribbons, or leather to differentiate their group from another group. 

Later they used flags to show their identity. Still, countries remake their flags. Flags are used for so many motives like the national flag, sports flag, religious flag, political flag, etc.

 If we talk about the national flag it is not a piece of fiber it has many patriotic feelings. Flags show that we belong to a circle or a nation. A flag is a recognition of a person. Every country has different colors and sizes of flags with different slogans, taglines, and expressions.  

All countries hoisted flags at national events, especially on flag day. Flag day is a prime event for Pakistan’s people. If we discuss the Pakistani flag it is very attractive and pleasing with its magnificent two colors.

Pakistani flag sketch by  Sayyed Amir_uddin kaddwai.Pakistani flag was assumed on august 11,1947 by the constituent assembly. 

Pakistani flag was adopted just a few days before Independence. Pakistani commemorate this flag day. 

Flag day is a vigorously supported day for every Pakistani person. Pakistan has some national signs like minar_e_pakistan national hero, national anthem, motto (iman, ittehad, tanzeem) as well as the Pakistani flag.

Pakistani people hoisted the flag on flag day in every office, and school official apartment, and also flag day poetry poems are sung by the people. Every Pakistani also decorates their house and streets with pennants on flag day. 

All Pakistanis celebrate flag day with discipline and dignity. Pakistani hoisted the flag on flag day 14 august they also celebrate other national events. Many Poets wrote flag day poetry in Urdu and English to show love for their country. 

Iqbal is the national hero of Pakistan. He wrote poetry for the resolution of Pakistan and also to awaken the sleeping people for Independence.

He also wrote patriotic flag day poetry for Pakistan.

“Chand roshan chamakta sitara rhy 

sb se ouncha ye jhanda hmara rhy”

(The moon shines brightly May this highest flag be ours)

“Chand ko b rifat ki tamanna thi

Thabi to mery parcham pe utar aya”

(Moon also had the desire to progress Then my flag came down)

More poetry about the Pakistani flag.

Ye parchamo main azeem parcham 

Atta_e_rub_e_ cream pacham

Hmara parcham ye pyara parcham

(Lord, grant me the greatest flag among the flags Our flag, this lovely flag) 


Flag Day Poetry


داوا جو کرتا تھا گلستاں کی حفاظت کا

اسی نے تو ہر شاخ چمن کو نوچ رکھا ہے


The claim used to protect Gulistan


He has scratched every branch of the Chaman


गुलस्तान की रक्षा करने का करता था दावा


चमन की हर डाली को उसने खुजाया है



میں جب مر جاؤں میری الگ پہچان لکھ دینا

میرے لہو سے میری پیشانی پر وطن کا نام لکھ دینا


When I die, write down my identity


Write the name of the country on my forehead with my blood


जब मैं मर जाऊं तो लिख दूं मेरी पहचान


मेरे लहू से मेरे माथे पर देश का नाम लिखो


Flag Day Poetry
Flag Day Poetry


اے ارضِ وطن آج بھی اپنا یہ عہد ہے

ہم حرفِ وفا خون سے تحریر کریں گے


O land, this pledge is still yours today


We will write a letter of loyalty


हे भूमि, यह प्रतिज्ञा आज भी तुम्हारी है


हम वफादारी के पत्र के साथ लिखेंगे



ہماری خاک سے خوشبو وطن کی آۓگی

ہمارا خون ہے شامل اِس وطن کی مٹی میں


The fragrance of the homeland will come from our soil


Our blood is included in the soil of this country


मातृभूमि की महक आएगी हमारी मिट्टी से


इस देश की मिट्टी में शामिल है हमारा खून


ہمارا ڈر سے کوئی واسطہ نہیں ہوتا

ہم وہاں قدم رکھتے ہیں جہاں راستہ نہیں ہوتا


We have nothing to do with fear


We step where there is no path


हमें डर से कोई लेना-देना नहीं है


हम वहां कदम रखते हैं जहां कोई रास्ता नहीं है

Flag Day Poetry
Flag Day Poetry

ہے جٌرم اگر وطن کی مِٹی سے مٌحبّت

یہ جٌرم سدّا میرے حسابوں میں رہے گا


It is a crime to love the soil of the country


This crime will remain in my accounts


देश की मिट्टी से प्यार करना गुनाह है


यह अपराध मेरे खातों में रहेगा


قبروں میں نہیں ہم کو کِتابوں میں اٌتارو

ہم لوگ مٌحبّت کی کہانی میں مَرے ہیں


Take us not to graves but to books


We are dead in the story of love


हमें कब्रों पर नहीं बल्कि किताबों में ले चलो


हम प्यार की कहानी में मर चुके हैं


میں اپنے رب سے ہو اس بات کا سوالی ہو

قائم میرے ملک میں اَمن اور خوشحالی


I ask my Lord about this


May peace and prosperity prevail in my country


میرے محبوب وطن تٌجھ پہ اگر جاں ہو نثار

میں یہ سمجھوں گا ٹھکانے لگا سرمایہٕ تن


If my beloved country dies on you, Nisar


I would consider it a capital investment


अगर मेरा प्यारा देश तुम पर मरता है, निसारी


मैं इसे एक पूंजी निवेश मानूंगा


ہم اٌٹھتے ہٌوۓ سورج سے ملاتے ہیں آنکھیں

ہم گٌزری ہٌوٸ رات کا ماتم نہیں کرتے


We meet the eyes of the rising sun


We do not mourn the passing night


हम उगते सूरज की आँखों से मिलते हैं


हम गुज़रती रात का शोक नहीं मनाते

Flag Day Poetry
Flag Day Poetry

رگوں میں ہے جنوں میں ہے

وطن کا عشق خوں میں ہے


It is in the veins


The love of country is in the blood


नसों में है


देश प्रेम खून में है


سجدے میں ہم نے گر کر ما نگی ہے یہ دعا

میرے و طن کو سلا مت رکھنا میر ے اللہ


We fell down in prostration and prayed this prayer


May Allah keep my country safe


हम सजदे में गिर पड़े और यह प्रार्थना की


अल्लाह मेरे देश को सलामत रखे



چاند روشن چمکتا ستارہ رہے

سب سے اونچا یہ پرچم ہمارا رہے


May the moon shine brightly


May this flag be ours


चाँद तेज चमके


यह झंडा हमारा हो


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