Best 12 Components of Urdu Poetry

Components of Urdu Poetry

Components of Urdu Poetry: Urdu Poetry is an intricate and beautiful art form that has been around for centuries. Urdu poets have used their skillful use of language to create stunning works of art that have touched the hearts of many. To understand and appreciate Urdu poetry, one must understand the various components that make it up.

These components of Urdu Poetry include various literary tools such as metaphors, similes, personification, meter, and rhyme. Traditional themes such as love, longing, and nature are also popular in Urdu poetry. These components of Urdu Poetry are all essential for a successful piece of Urdu poetry and help to create a beautiful work of art.

Let’s go through the components of Urdu poetry:


It contains established norms and regulations for writing, which make it complete if followed. 

There are at least five couplets-ashlar in a ghazal, all of which have the same rhymes. There may be divergent lines of thought in the couplets. A ghazal is a collection of lyrical calligraphy. Through complex and captivating stanzas- sher, poets convey feelings of melancholy, love, and romance.


The term hamd is taken from the Quran (the Muslim sacred book) and means to glorify Allah (God in Islam). It is used in several languages, including Urdu, Arabic, Persian, and Turkish. Hamd is poetry written in praise and devotion to Allah and is exclusively associated with Him.


As part of the religious rite known as Karbala, Hasan, Husain, and their family were martyred. As well as conveying the sorrow and suffering of Karbala, this poem aims to educate the Muslim ummah about their sacrifices and jihad, the holy battle of Muslims.


It’s an Arabic word that means praise, and it’s a form of poetry in which the poet expresses love for the Muslim prophet Muhammad in captivating language. With the rhyming system, the Naat pattern consists of almost two verses. Gratitude for the Prophet’s noble acts, life, and sacrifices is expressed in this pattern.


A Manqabat is a Sufi poem, one of the components of Urdu Poetry, composed to praise and remember Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib, the grandson-in-law of the Holy Prophet. Many spiritual poems are written for other Sufi figures as well.

The text contains the same topics as previous laudatory poetry. It reflects all the affection, dedication, and honor. 


It is one of Urdu literature’s main and fundamental characteristics and has no limitations regarding concepts or forms. Poets may write these poems for any reason for anyone, and they may dedicate them without restriction to their nation, friends, and loved ones.

More Components of Urdu Poetry :


After starting in Arabic, it spread to Urdu and Turkish cultures. Like ghazals, the Arabic word qasida means “intention” or “purpose.” Like ghazals, it is a sequence of lines with rhyming schemes, but it is longer and contains more couplets.


A rhyme scheme alternates between the first and fourth lines without regard to speed or rhythm in this Arabic phrase.


A biography is a collection of events and poets’ lives written in poetry relating to a person’s biography. It comes from the Persian language and means “to remember and recall.”


There are narratives and events from the Quran and other Islamic sources that are incorporated. It is based on any narrative, tale, or particular topic.

Takhallus: (Pen Name)

The word takhallus means “termination” in Arabic. Takhallus is the Components of Urdu Poetry Numerous Urdu poets and writers who include their names at the end of their poems. It is considered one of the traditional traditions of Urdu poetry.


A qaafia is a pattern of words that rhyme in the second line of a sher, and here it is ” dam, Kam, ham.

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