Best Poetry on Life in English

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Poetry on Life Most Popular:
Poetry on Life

What our life wants from us
Is there a debt we are not paying?

If anyone asks you what life is all about
Put a little dust on the palm and blow

O life, I wish you would turn away from me
These weeping people are not celebrated by me

Sometimes sitting on the eyes, sometimes on the head
Holding on to life with an unpleasant heart

Sometimes micro, sometimes madness robbed
In a way, life robbed us

Famous Poetry on Life:

The pace of life has become so fast
The morning pain gets old in the evening

Addiction was faster than life’s alcohol
When we fell, death took us away

Life is a wonderful thing for you too
It is not heaven, it is just a spectacle

Oh life, thank you for stumbling so much
The skill of not being able to walk but being able to handle it came

Maybe we don’t know the value of life
Otherwise, they do not waste themselves on anyone else

If you are angry with me then leave me alone
O life, do not make me a spectacle every day

Life is not so abusive
Which of our points do you disagree with?

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