Top 15 Best Truck Poetry in Urdu

Top 14 Best Truck Poetry in Urdu

Funny Truck Poetry in Urdu

Commercial vehicles play an important role in transporting goods or people from one place to another and every country uses these vehicles like buses, trucks, rickshaws, etc. But when you talk about Pakistan here these are not only vehicles, these depict very different scenes.

According to a report by the government of Pakistan in 2010, 600,000 vehicles were running on 260,760 km long roads of Pakistan. Now the number would have been increased. Among these commercial vehicles, trucks grab special attention because of the truck art.


The truck art of Pakistan is very famous for its uniqueness and versatility. Colorful trucks showing the culture of different provinces grab the attention of people internationally. Pakistani truck art is incomplete without Truck poetry written on their backs.


Funny truck poetry in Urdu written on the back of the trucks is eloquent and a source of happiness simultaneously. Common people of Pakistan who are worried because of unemployment, inflammation, and other crises forget their troubles for a while after reading this funny truck poetry in Urdu.


Commonly Pakistan is portrayed as a belligerent and extremist country but this truck poetry tells us another story that people are not as aggressive or extremist as we have portrayed them. Indeed, they have a good sense of humor. Have a look at some funny truck poetry in Urdu on the backs of trucks. 

* ” Dekh zror magar Pyar sy” 

Must look at me but only with love


* ” ik dukh Sajna da, doja  bijli ny tang kita “

One grief is my love but load shedding has hurt me most.


* “Dil bra-e-frookht, qeemat bs aik mukrahat” 

Heart is for sale, price is only one smile


” ai hun Japan sy Pakistan sy meri shadi hoi, Texla mera singhar hoa Gojra Khan sy mjy pyar hoa” 


I have come from Japan and married in Pakistan, my makeup was done in Texla and I got in love with Gojra Khan.

best truck poetry in Urdu
best truck poetry in Urdu

کبھی مشکلوں کا تھا سامنا کبھی راحتوں میں گزرگئے

وہ جو دن تھے میرے شباب  کے وہ سعودیہ میں گزرگئے


Sometimes difficulties were faced, sometimes they passed in relief

Those days of my youth were spent in Saudi Arabia


कभी मुश्किलों का सामना करना पड़ा तो कभी राहत में गुजर गए

मेरी जवानी के वो दिन सऊदी अरब में बीते थे

Best Truck Funny Poetry

Best Truck Funny Poetry
Best Truck Funny Poetry

زندگی میں جب بھی کہیں مشکل مقام آیا

نہ بریک نے ساتھ دیا نہ کوئی گیئر کام آیا


Whenever there is a difficult situation in life

Neither the brakes cooperated nor did any gear work


जीवन में जब भी कोई कठिन परिस्थिति आती है

न तो ब्रेक ने साथ दिया और न ही किसी गियर ने काम किया


truck poetry
truck poetry

کسی کو گھر سے نکلتے ہی مل گئی منزل

کوئی میری طرح عمر بھر سفر میں رہا


Someone found the destination as soon as they left the house

Someone like me has been on a lifelong journey


घर से निकलते ही किसी को मंजिल मिल गई

मेरे जैसा कोई आजीवन यात्रा पर रहा है


Truck Bewafa Urdu Poetry

Truck Bewafa Urdu Poetry
Truck Bewafa Urdu Poetry

حلقہ عشق سے انتخاب ٹرنے کی ضد نہ کر

ہمیں خبر ہے تیری وفا کی ڈکری جعلی ہے

Don’t hesitate to choose from the love circle

We know your oath of allegiance is fake


प्रेम मंडल में से चुनने में संकोच न करें

हम जानते हैं कि आपकी निष्ठा की शपथ नकली है


urdu best truck poetry
urdu best truck poetry

کا ش دلوں کے بھی الیکشن ہوتے شاہ جی

ہم دھاندلی کر کے تمہیں جیت لیتے


If there were elections for the hearts too, Shahji

We would have won you by rigging

दिलों के भी चुनाव होते तो शाहजी

धांधली करके हम आपको जीत लेते


urdu truck love poetry
urdu truck love poetry

ہم و فا کے عادی ہیں ہر دم وفا کر یں گے

اک جان باقی ہے وہ بھی تیر ے نام کریں گے


We are used to loyalty and will always be faithful

There is one life left, they will also call you


हम वफादारी के अभ्यस्त हैं और हमेशा वफादार रहेंगे

एक जान बाकी है वो भी तुम्हे बुलायेंगे


Best truck poetry in Urdu

Best truck poetry in Urdu
Best truck poetry in Urdu

جب تک زرزر لٹاو ے زیردست ہے دُنیا

ذراسا ہا تھ کھینچ کر دیکھو کتنی مطلب پرست ہے دُنیا

As long as the world is under the control of Zarzar Latvia

Pull your hand and see how to mean the world is


जब तक दुनिया ज़रज़ार लातविया के नियंत्रण में है

अपना हाथ खींचो और देखो दुनिया कितनी मतलबी है

best truck urdu poetry
best truck urdu poetry

دُور دُور رھتی ھے پاس نہیں آتی 

کچھ لو گوں کو غرت راس نہیں آتی


It stays far away and does not come near

Some people don’t understand


दूर रहता है और पास नहीं आता

कुछ लोग नहीं समझते


truck poetry
truck poetry

کوئی آتا ہے کوئی جاتا ہے محفل کا ہے رنگ وہی

  سا قی کی نوازش جاری ہے مہان بدلتے رہتے ہیں


Someone comes, someone goes, the color of the party is the same

Sa Qi’s blessing continues, and Mahan keeps changing


कोई आता है, कोई जाता है, पार्टी का रंग एक जैसा होता है

सा क्यूई का आशीर्वाद जारी है, महान बदलते रहते हैं


Motivational Truck Poetry in Urdu

Motivational Truck Poetry in Urdu
Motivational Truck Poetry in Urdu

یہ جگہ دِل لگا نے کی دُنیا نہیں ہے

یہ عبرت کی جاہ ہے تماشا نہیں ہے


This place is not a world for the faint of heart

This is a lesson, not a show


यह जगह दिल के बेहोश होने की दुनिया नहीं है

यह एक सबक है, शो नहीं


best urdu truck poetry
best urdu truck poetry

ٹو ٹے ہو تے پتوں کی طرح بکھرے ہیں ہم تو

کسی نے سمیٹا بھی صر ف جلا نے کے لیے 


We are scattered like leaves

Someone wrapped it up just to burn it


हम बिखरे हैं पत्तों की तरह

किसी ने इसे सिर्फ जलाने के लिए लपेटा है


Aesthetic Poetry in Urdu

Aesthetic Poetry in Urdu
Aesthetic Poetry in Urdu

نہ ملا ہے نہ میلے گا مجھے آ رام کہیں 

میں مسافرہوں میر ی صبح کہیں شام کہیں


It has not been found nor will it be found. Call me Aram

I am a traveler, my morning is somewhere in the evening


यह न तो मिला है और न ही मिलेगा

मैं मुसाफिर हूँ, मेरी सुबह कहीं शाम है


urdu truck poetry
urdu truck poetry

اتنی نفرت سے نہ دیکھ اتنا برا نہیں ہوں 

غریب ضرور ہوں بے وفا نہیں ہوں

Don’t look so hateful, I’m not that bad

I must be poor, not unfaithful


इतना घृणित मत देखो, मैं इतना भी बुरा नहीं हूँ

मुझे गरीब होना चाहिए, विश्वासघाती नहीं


truck poetry
truck poetry

نہ صورت بری سیرت بری

 برا وہ ہے جسکی نیت بری  


Otherwise, a bad character is bad

  Bad is the one whose intention is bad


नहीं तो जिंदगी खराब होती है

  बुरा वह है जिसकी नीयत खराब है

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