Best Heart Broken Poetry: A journey through pain and healing

Best Heart Broken Poetry

The language of pain:

Best Heart broken poetry serves as a unique way to express the emotions which lie in the hearts of broken people. The essence of poetry lies in its capacity to purify the intense and complex emotion of heartbreak into a few carefully chosen words. It expresses the raw, unfiltered spirit of pain, sadness, and ache, conveying the deepness of human experience in a condensed and influential form. 

Turning pain into poetry:

Linking heartbreak with poetry is like fortifying the delicate strands of emotion through the fabric of language. It’s about expressing the pain, longing, and susceptibility of heartbreak in verses that resonate deeply with the reader’s soul. 

A universal experience:

The poetry unites people from different cultures and walks of life because heartbreak is a universal experience that cannot be confined to only one person or culture. The expressed feelings through themes and emotions provide comfort to people who feel isolated by their heartbreak. The Best Heart broken poetry serves as a net curtain that leaps up on a miserable landscape painted in shades of sorrow. The once vibrant scenery of love has transformed into an expressive tableau of heartbreak.

A journey of healing:

Best Heart broken poetry is not just about expressing pain, it’s also about how we heal from that pain. Poets go through raw sorrow to hope into their words. It explains the journey that individuals go through after heartbreak, teaching readers to believe in healing and growth.


Best Heart broken poetry expresses human vulnerability, through which poets express feelings that are hard for some people to convey. It shows how art can help us to heal. Through the essence of this Urdu poetry, pain, and healing can be acknowledged and in the end tribute to the strength and growth of the human heart.

Best Heart broken Poetry in Urdu:

I did not stay in search of you
Your desire will destroy my being

The mirror and the heart are the same story
The end of both is to break up and scatter

Now at this point comes my obsession
If I call you with my mouth, blood will come

Congratulations! Your fake love
Man’s life was destroyed while laughing

He recites his funeral himself
Whom love kills before death

Don’t expect loyalty from us, O Sanam
We have always found unfaithfulness
Don’t look for wounds on your body
We have suffered every injury on heart

You ask and I don’t tell, so there are no such situations
A little heartbreak and that’s okay

Then it happened that someone died secretly
Nobody was raised, and no funeral was held

Best Heart broken Poetry A Journey Through Pain and Healing:


What crime has robbed us of our love?
We did not show anyone’s heart

Every day a new pain, every day a new sorrow
I do not know when it will be announced that we died

What happened when grief came to my destiny?
God fulfilled his wish

He laughs at the scraps of my existence
A strange person laughs at me

He used to say that I will break the stars
He made the sky fall on me

Someone out of the river of grief
I want to live, someone save me

Best Heart broken Poetry in Urdu:


There is no doubt, no complaint from you, my dear
All this is written by my destiny dear

The existence of my desires has been broken
Now even if we feel good, we do not express it

We forgot the world for you
And you forgot what you did

Even if the heartbreaks, love does not fade
There is no loss even by returning to this path

They say people live on hope
And we don’t even hope to live

The crunches of broken desires in the chest
Shall I write about how the accident of heartbreak happened?

People come by means
We are nobody’s mean

Latest Best Heart broken Poetry:


It falls just before dawn
Dusk does not mean fall

You think that person is your own
Who has to scream and express his sorrow

Not love. Say evil eye
It destroys the one who likes it

This play of Parsai is strange
Let’s be like this world

The flavour of your conversation continued to be distributed among strangers
Those whose sustenance was your voice died of hunger

Time is necessary, but you are wasted
There was no death before the death of the body

What sorrow should I tell you?
I am afflicted with every sorrow

We could forget you
Yes, but look, it didn’t happen to us

Best Heart broken Poetry:


You have a hundred people available for fellowship
Where will you understand the agony of not being?

We have suffered a great loss
He has become someone else’s life

We are villagers and cannot express
We such people are afraid of beautiful girls

To tolerate your hijr, we
I begged God to extend my life

If it doesn’t happen to you then why do it?
You will also lose love

We live in this world for your love
Otherwise, I have no interest in this world

Best Heart broken Poetry in Urdu:


I am the lips, you are my talk
I am when you are with me

All the people may fight with each other
There may be a great war in your name

In which language should I write sighs?
Today, words are _flooded_

Everything you said is true
I’m bad, I’m bad, sorry for today

New Best Heart broken Poetry:


I am like a hard lesson
Everyone leaves me

The killer of my every hope
Your one word ‘Khuda Hafiz’

So you know, I have no one after you
O my friend, listen to me with consolation

You leave, comforting for a while
The hand remains on the shoulder

After you, I will avoid the sun of __ age
If I go into someone’s shadow, the shadow stings

Now you will complete your Hijr quickly
So work is going on on all kinds of torture

We died, our eyes remained open
This was the extent of our wait

Latest Best Heart broken Poetry:


We are in a bad way
Hardly anyone gets it

The heart was alone and there were thousands
Alas, the mill alone was robbed by thousands

And then death came to him
who had been dead for years

Learned to bear the pain with a smile
Everyone understood that I did not suffer

He will also have a little love for me
Who wastes so much time just to break a heart?

What is the difference between the two?
Fight the eyes, and show us the eyes

We had people in the guise of liveliness
What did love say when it was revealed?

Bones are broken, wounds are painful
The limit of resentment is that these people become sad

Most Popular Best Heart broken Poetry:


Darkness was acceptable to me all my life
But I could not please the Jagannavs

Always talked about being together
He who does not know me now

There was doubt that there would be losses in love
But I was not sure that all of them would be ours!

I’m waiting, if you have any questions
Trust me I will make you awesome

Don’t even come to recite Fatiha
You have lost this right too

It is called when I met you
Both of us closed our eyes

There is a strange war in me
Someone is tired of me

All of them should be left
The Lord holds them

I don’t know if it got better or worse
This heart no longer argues with anyone

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