Best Friendship Poetry in Urdu Two Lines

A connection in the middle of friends and a kinship in friends is called friendship. The meaning of friendship in Urdu is "Dosti", "iltifat" and "rasm o rah".

Explanation of Friendship Poetry;

Human nature demands that love be reciprocated with love. One who is loved is called a friend. Friendship happens only when both have the same thoughts. No matter what kind of person you are, rich, poor, small, or big, everyone has friends.

In every friendship, all friends understand each other’s feelings. Everyone has different friends in every era like school, college, career, and family friends. Friendship is a universal relationship.
There are also levels of human friends. Some are common, some are special and only one is special.

A friend who is special is what we call our best friend:
Many of the qualities that we look for in separate relationships are found in friendships. What we cannot say to our siblings, we can say to our friends. Whenever we feel lonely or depressed, then friends are our support.No one expresses his superiority to his friend. The best friendship is the one in which the friend suffers but does not let his friend suffer. Some friends are only pretending friends.
They only fulfill their meaning.

Best friendship is a special gift from Allah. In friendship, one should not look at the face but at the character. Friendship is an angelic relationship, which is not characterized by similarity to sustain a deep friendship nobility is the key to success.
Forbearance is also an important factor for a long-lasting friendship.

A good friend never leaves his friend alone in bad times. He is always ready to help him. In a good friendship, a friend never helps him with a bad deed, rather he explains to him with love. A true friend always helps his friend in every way. Many poets wrote friendship poetry in Urdu and English to express the feeling of friendship in words.

Here are a few lines of good friendship poetry.

“Ash kay tuj bin is trha ay dost ghabrata hon main
Kesy har shay main kisi shay ki kmi para hon me”
(Oh my friend, I am afraid without you
As I find something lacking in everything)

“Slamat rhy yeh dosti sada rhy Sath hum yunhi sada
Nigahon me izat hi Dil me wafa yeh rishta hum yunhi nibhaty then sada”
(May this friendship be safe, and may we be simple together
Respect in the eyes, loyalty in the heart, we used to keep this relationship simple.)

friendship poetry

وہ کوئی دوست تھا اچھے دنوں کا”
“جو پچھلی رات سے یاد آ رہا ہے

He was a good friend
Which I have been remembering since last night

वह एक अच्छा दोस्त था
जो कल रात से याद आ रहा है

Friendship Poetry

جسے بھی دوست بنایا وہ بن گیا دشمن”
“یہ ہم نے کون سی تقصیر کی سزا پائی

Whoever made friends became enemies
This is what we were punished for

जिसने दोस्त बनाया वो दुश्मन बन गया
इसी के लिए हमें दंडित किया गया

اے دوست تو نے دوستی کا حق ادا کیا”
“اپنی خوشی لوٹا کے میرا غم گھٹا دیا

O friend, you have paid the price of friendship
He returned my happiness and reduced my sorrow

ऐ दोस्त तूने चुकाई दोस्ती की कीमत
उसने मेरी खुशी लौटा दी और मेरे दुख को कम कर दिया

Friendship Poetry

ساتھی مرے کہاں سے کہاں تک پہنچ گئے”
“میں زندگی کے ناز اٹھانے میں رہ گیا

Where did Comrade Murray come from?
I was left with the pride of life

कॉमरेड मरे कितनी दूर चले गए?
मुझे जीवन के गौरव के साथ छोड़ दिया गया था

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