Best Top 15 The Journey Poetry in Urdu

It is very important to learn the meaning of journey when we translate it from English to Urdu. Journey meaning in Urdu is “Safar”

The Journey Poetry

Something recommending travel or movement from one place to another is called a journey. It also means traveling from one place to another mostly by covering a big interval or taking a long time.

The journey is used to represent the brain or bodily dare repeatedly disconcerting that the character in question must be tackled as a part of their awareness essential to their character development.

Life is also a journey and it’s about building up and exchanging an impending term with who and what you are?

Life is a journey, not a landing place. It is a journey with complications to solve, lectures to gain and understand but most of all experience to appreciate. Life’s journey has beautiful roads filled with pain, celebration, victory, defeat and unhappiness.

Life journeys are very lengthy, especially for those who are near trouble. Difficulties will be cut off one day, not in this world or in the next. life journey is much superior when someone understands and loves you and respects your thoughts and always stays with you throughout life.

Without poetry every field of life is dull. the journey is one of the basic topics of life about which many poets write their poems.

Poets write the journey poetry in many languages such as Urdu and English.


Many poets have written about the journey poetry to express their feelings.

In the journey poetry poets express their thoughts about difficulties, sorrows, happiness, or unhappiness of life’s journey. In the history of Urdu literature, many poets write about the journey of poetry.

Some of the famous the journey poetry poets are “Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi”,” Zafar Iqbal”,” Ahmad Faraz”,” Parveen Shakir”,” Ghulam Hamdani” etc. They wrote about the journey poetry a lot.


You can read and enjoy.


The Journey Poetry
The Journey Poetry

زندگی میں زندگی کی خبر ہے تو

میری منزل میرا سفر ہے تو


If there is news of life in life

My destination is my journey


अगर जीवन में जीवन की खबर है

मेरी मंजिल मेरी यात्रा है

چھوڑی نہ آرزو سفر اس لیے کہ

ساتھ تیرے کوئی مسافت ہے میری


Don’t leave Arzo travel because of that

I have a distance with you


इस वजह से Arzo की यात्रा न छोड़ें

मेरी तुमसे दूरी है

باہمی یقین کے سفر پر

میں تنہا رہ جاؤں تو


On a journey of mutual belief

If I am left alone


आपसी विश्वास की यात्रा पर

अगर मैं अकेला रह गया

سفر شروع تو ہونے دے اپنے ساتھ مرا

تو خود کہے گا یہ کیسی بلا کے ساتھ ہوں میں


Let the journey begin and die with me

So he himself will say with what kind of calling I am


यात्रा शुरू होने दो और मेरे साथ मरो

तो वह खुद कहेगा कि मैं किस तरह की बुलाहट हूं

زندگی یوں ہوئی بسر تنہا

قافلہ ساتھ اور سفر تنہا


Life was like this, living alone

Traveling with a caravan and traveling alone


जिंदगी कुछ ऐसी थी, अकेली रह रही थी

कारवां से यात्रा करना और अकेले यात्रा करना

کسی کو گھر سے نکلتے ہی مل گئی منزل

کوئی ہماری طرح عمر بھر سفر میں رہا


Someone found the destination as soon as they left the house

Someone like us has been on a lifelong journey


घर से निकलते ही किसी को मंजिल मिल गई

हम जैसा कोई आजीवन यात्रा पर रहा है

جستجو کھوئے ہوؤں کی عمر بھر کرتے رہے

چاند کے ہم راہ ہم ہر شب سفر کرتے رہے


The search continued throughout the life of the lost

We traveled every night along the path of the moon


खोये हुए के जीवन भर खोज जारी रही

हम हर रात चाँद की राह पर चलते थे

کہیں تو ختم کر دو سفر اذیت کا

کہیں تو پھینک دو مار کر مجھے


End the journey of torture somewhere

Throw me somewhere and hit me


कहीं खत्म हो अत्याचार का सफर

मुझे कहीं फेंक दो और मुझे मारो

اپنی مرضی سے کہاں اپنے سفر کے ہم ہیں

رُخ ہوائوں کا جدھر کاہے ادھر کے ہم ہیں


Where are we on our own journey?

Wherever the wind blows, we are here


हम अपनी यात्रा पर कहाँ हैं?

जहाँ भी हवा चलती है, हम यहाँ हैं

اِک عُمر سے فریبِ سفر کھا رہے ہیں ہم

معلوم ہی نہیں کہ کِدھر جارہے ہیں ہم


We have been fooled for a long time

We do not know where we are going


लंबे समय से हमें बेवकूफ बनाया गया है

हम नहीं जानते कि हम कहाँ जा रहे हैं

سفرِ عشق میں ہم دور تک نِکل آۓ

جانا تھا کہیں اور ہم کہیں اور نکل آۓ


We went far in the journey of love

We had to go somewhere else and we came out somewhere else


प्यार के सफर में हम बहुत आगे निकल गए

हमें कहीं और जाना था और हम कहीं और निकल आए

چلے تھے جس کی طرف وہ نشاں ختم ہوا

سفر   ، ادھورا ، رہا  ،،، آسماں ، ختم ، ہوا


They had gone towards which the mark ended

journey, unfinished, remained, sky, ended, ended


वे चले गए थे जिस ओर निशान समाप्त हो गया था

यात्रा, अधूरा, रह गया, आकाश, समाप्त, समाप्त हो गया

میری تقدیر میں منزل نہیں ہے

غُبارِ کارواں ہے اور میں ہوں


There is no destination in my destiny

There is the dust of the caravan and I am


मेरे भाग्य में कोई मंजिल नहीं है

कारवां की धूल है और मैं

زندگی یوں ہوئی بسر تنہا

 قافلہ ساتھ اور سفر تنہا


Life was like this, living alone

Traveling with a caravan and traveling alone


जिंदगी कुछ ऐसी थी, अकेली रह रही थी

कारवां से यात्रा करना और अकेले यात्रा करना

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