John Elia Biography- John Elia Poetry

John Elia Biography

John Elia was born on 14th December 1931 in Amroha, India. His father’s name was Shafiq Elia and he was a famous scholar and have a good understanding of various languages like English, Persian, Arabic, Hebrew and some more languages of the sub-continent. 

The original name of Jaun Elia was Syed Sibte-e- Asghar Naqvi. He was the youngest in his family and this is the reason he got a lot of love and kindness from his family. His father played an important in shaping his personality because he was related to art and literature.

John Elia is a famous poet of the modern world. Jaun Elia died on 8th November 2002 but his poetry is still alive and an inspiration for the young audience. Jaun Elia is not only a famous poet but also owns the tag of philosopher.

He is usually recognized for his knowledge of Islam, Sufis, Muslims, Spiritualism, Science and Western Literature. His poetry covered all the above domains and make poetry unique as compared to other poets of the same era.

On 14th August 1947, Pakistan came into being as an independent country but JaunElia has his own views because he was against the two-nation theory. But finally, he decided to live in Pakistan as compared to India. He selected Karachi as his residence city in the year 1957.

He did marriage with the famous columnist Zahida Hina but due to some reasons he divorced his wife 

John Elia views and personality were different from other poets because the majority of them were associated with a specific religion and thoughts. Although studied at Deoband School but his views weren’t religious. He always likes communism and its implementation in society for well-being. 

But yet, he is identified with relation to a particular school of thought. He introduced his reorganization as an agnostic or atheist. On the other hand, his political views also differed from most of the region. He favors communism, which he wishes to be practiced in society for the welfare of society as a whole.
The Government of Pakistan was awarded the Presidential Award due to his efforts for Urdu Literature or Urdu Poetry.

He was the author of the following Books:

1- Goyaa
2- Shayad
3- Lekin
4- Goyaa
5- Yaani

John Elia

Here is the collection of John Elia’s Poetry:

تجھ سے گلے کروں تجھے جاناں مناؤں میں
اک بار اپنے آپ میں آؤں تو آؤں میں

جو گزر دشمن ہے اس کا رہ گزر رکھا ہے نام
ذات سے اپنی نہ ہلنے کا سفر رکھا ہے نام

John Elia Poetry

خود سے رشتے رہے کہاں ان کے
غم تو جانے تھے رائیگاں ان کے

تم جب آؤگی تو کھویا ہوا پاؤگی مجھے
میری تنہائی میں خوابوں کے سوا کچھ بھی نہیں

مجھ پہ کسنے لگے ہو آوازیں
اتنی اوقات ہو گئی ہے کیا

میں نے سب خواہشوں کو ٹال دیا
اپنے دل سے تمہیں نکال دیا

ایذا دہی کی داد جو پاتا رہا ہوں میں
ہر ناز آفریں کو ستاتا رہا ہوں میں

John Elia Poetry in Urdu

تجھ سے گلے کروں تجھے جاناں مناؤں میں
اک بار اپنے آپ میں آؤں تو آؤں میں

ہجر کی آنکھوں سے آنکھیں تو ملاتے جائیے
ہجر میں کرنا ہے کیا؟ یہ تو بتاتے جایئے

علاج یہ ہے کہ مجبور کر دیا جاؤں
وگرنہ یوں تو کسی کی نہیں سنی میں نے

رنج ہے حالت سفر حال قیام رنج ہے
صبح بہ صبح رنج ہے شام بہ شام رنج ہے

ہم تو جیسے وہاں کے تھے ہی نہیں
بے اماں تھے اماں کے تھے ہی نہیں

کچھ کہوں، کچھ سنوں، ذرا ٹھہرو
ابھی زندوں میں ہوں، ذرا ٹھہرو

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