Black Love Quotes in Hurting Expression

Black Love Quotes in Hurting Expression

 Love Quotes is here to share the best fake love quotes with you. Black love quotes can be defined as a relationship between two people that is based solely on materialistic items or shallow affection, rather than real and honest love. We all know that fake love is one of the most heartbreaking experiences and so, it’s important to be aware of it and understand how to deal with it.

Black Love Quotes

The following collection of fake love quotes will help you identify and recognize when a relationship is based on fake love. It’s also important to remember that even though it can be difficult to accept, sometimes fake love is better than no love at all.

“Fake love is all around us, but it’s not real. It’s a masquerade that hides what’s really going on.” – Unknown

“You can’t buy love, but you can fake it.” – Chin

“Fake love is like a mirage in the desert. It’s there, but it’s not real.” – Rena

“Fake love is like a house of cards, it looks strong, but it can easily collapse.” – Mike

“Fake love is like a dream, it fades away when you wake up.” – Alni

“Fake love only exists when both people are pretending to love each other.” – steward

“Fake love is like a fog. You can’t see the truth until it’s gone.” – steve

“Fake love is like a river, it flows away quickly.” – Mibel

“Fake love is like a fire, it burns quickly and leaves you with nothing.” – biblini

“Fake love is like a flower, it fades away quickly.” – Rachel

“Fake love is like a storm, it comes quickly and leaves destruction.” – Hooker

“Fake love is like a drug, it promises everything, but delivers nothing.” – Unknown

“Fake love is like a balloon, it looks beautiful, but it can be easily popped.” – Unknown

If you’re looking for black love quotes to help you understand the unique nature of fake love, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are some inspiring black love quotes that will hopefully give you the strength to recognize and move on from fake love.

“Fake love won’t last forever, so make sure you’re ready to move on when it does.” – masu

“Fake love is like a wound, it can heal if you give it time.” – wart

“Fake love can’t replace real love, so don’t be fooled.” – jacica

“Fake love will never be satisfying, so don’t settle for it.” – jenny

“Fake love won’t last, so don’t waste your time chasing it.” – Lews

“Fake love can hurt you, so be prepared to protect yourself.” – Pons

“Fake love will disappoint you, so don’t forget the value of real love.” – Dein

Black love quotes are especially powerful in the context of healing from broken relationships. When you’re struggling with the aftermath of a broken heart, connecting with wise words from famous African American writers, poets, and activists can be just what you need to pick yourself back up.

We hope that these fake love quotes can help you recognize and move on from fake love and focus on the real love that’s out there. Remember that real love is worth the wait and don’t settle for anything less.


یوں غلط تو نہیں چہروں کا تَصور بهی مگر

لوگ ویسے بھی نہیں ہوتے جیسے نظر آتے ہیں


The perception of the faces is not wrong


People are not what they seem


चेहरों की धारणा गलत नहीं है


लोग वो नहीं होते जो दिखते हैं


کل تک تو آشنا تھے مگر آج غیر ہو

دو دن میں یہ مزاج ہے آگے کی خیر ہو


Until yesterday they were familiar but today they are not


This is the mood in two days. Good luck ahead


कल तक वे परिचित थे लेकिन आज वे नहीं हैं


दो दिन में यही मिजाज है आगे की शुभकामनाएं


لب و لہجے فقط رسیلے ہیں 

اندر سے لوگ بہت زہریلے ہیں


Lips are just juicy


Inside people are very toxic


होंठ रसीले ही होते हैं


अंदर के लोग बहुत जहरीले होते हैं


گو ذرا سی بات پر برسوں کے یارانے گئے

لیکن اتنا تو ہوا کچھ لوگ پہچانے گئے


Years of friendship went away over a small matter


But so much happened that some people were recognized


बरसों की दोस्ती एक छोटी सी बात पर चली गई


लेकिन इतना कुछ हुआ कि कुछ लोग पहचान गए


ہم انکو کچھ نہیں سمجھتے 

جو خود کو بہت کچھ سمجھتے ہیں


We do not understand them


Who think of themselves a lot


हम उन्हें नहीं समझते


जो अपने बारे में बहुत सोचते हैं


تھوڑا مومن ہوں، تھوڑا منافق ہوں 

میں بھی حالات کے مطابق ہوں


I am a little believer, a little hypocrite


I am also according to the situation


मैं थोड़ा आस्तिक, थोड़ा पाखंडी हूं


मैं भी स्थिति के अनुसार हूं


لوگ واقف ہیں میری عادتوں سے 

رابطہ کم ہی سہی لاجواب رکھتا ہوں


People are aware of my habits


I keep in touch even less


लोग मेरी आदतों से वाकिफ हैं


मैं और भी कम संपर्क में रहता हूं


مہنگے کپڑے سستے لوگ

بھاڑ میں جائیں ایسے لوگ


Expensive clothes, cheap people


Fuck people like that


महँगे कपड़े सस्ते लोग


ऐसे लोगों को चोदो


ہم تو سادہ سے لوگ ہیں 

ہم سے کیا رونق ہو گی 


We are simple people


What will become of us?


हम साधारण लोग हैं


क्या हमारा हो जाएगा?


خاموشی کا مطلب لحاظ بھی ہوتا ہے 

لوگ اسکو کمزوری سمجھ لیتے ہیں


Silence also means consideration


People consider it a weakness


मौन का अर्थ विचार करना भी है


लोग इसे कमजोरी मानते हैं


تم اپنی اچھائی میں مشہور رہو 

ہم برے ہیں ہم سے دور رہو


May you be famous for your goodness


We are evil, stay away from us


आप अपनी अच्छाई के लिए प्रसिद्ध हों


हम दुष्ट हैं, हमसे दूर रहो


تھی کسی شخص کی تلاش مجھے 

میں نے خود کو ہی انتخاب کیا


I was looking for someone


I chose myself


मैं किसी को ढूंढ रहा था


मैंने खुद को चुना


شکستہ ہو کے بھی 

ناقابل شکست ہوں میں 


Even if defeated


I am invincible


भले ही पराजित हो


मैं अपराजेय हूं


زندگی کم ہے چاہتوں کے لئے

لوگ کیوں نفرتوں میں جیتے ہیں


Life is short for wants


Why do people live in hate?


जीवन चाहतों के लिए छोटा है

लोग नफरत में क्यों रहते हैं?


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