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Are you looking for the best Urdu-Poetry in the UK? Well, look no further! The UK is home to some of the most creative, meaningful, and inspiring Urdu poetry in the world today.

The United Kingdom is home to a vibrant and diverse culture that includes a long history of Urdu poetry. From traditional ghazals to modern-day nazms, Urdu poetry has been an integral part of the UK’s cultural fabric for centuries.

Urdu Poetry

From a rich and diverse cultural heritage to a vibrant, modern, and dynamic scene that is constantly evolving, UK Urdu-Poetry has something for everyone.

It has the ability to capture the essence of emotion, culture, and life. In this blog post, we take a closer look at some of the greatest Urdu-Poetry in the UK!

One of the most popular names in UK Urdu-Poetry is Naseer Ahmed Nasir. He is an Urdu poet, short story writer, and novelist.

His work is characterized by its deep sensitivity to the emotions, beauty, and culture of the British-Pakistani community in the UK. Nasir’s Urdu poetry has been widely acclaimed for its lyrical style, thought-provoking themes, and unique poetic forms.

Another prominent figure in the UK Urdu Poetry scene is Ayesha Zia. She is an award-winning Urdu poet, novelist, and short story writer.

Ayesha’s work is characterized by her creative use of language and her strong sense of identity as a Pakistani-British woman. Her poetry often explores themes of femininity, family, and cultural identity.

Finally, we have Aftab Ahmed. Aftab is a Pakistani-British Urdu poet, novelist, and short story writer. His poetic works have won numerous awards and have been widely acclaimed for their thoughtful and complex themes. His poetry often focuses on the challenges faced by British-Pakistani communities in the UK.

Finally, one of the most influential Urdu poets in the UK is Faiz Ahmed Faiz, who is known for his revolutionary and progressive poetry.

He was born in Punjab, India, and is considered to be the most influential Urdu poet of the 20th century. His works include the famous “Dast-e-Saba”, “Nusrat-e-Dil”, and “Jhoom Ke Din”.

These are just some of the many famous and beloved Urdu poets from the UK who have made significant contributions to the literary world. If you are looking to learn more about Urdu poetry, these poets are a great place to start.

No matter what type of Urdu poetry you’re looking for, the UK has plenty of great works to choose from. Whether you’re a fan of traditional styles or more modern approaches, you’ll be sure to find something to enjoy.

In conclusion, UK Urdu-Poetry is a vibrant, dynamic, and ever-evolving field of creativity. It has the ability to capture the essence of emotion, culture, and life. Through the works of these three great poets, we can get a sense of the richness and diversity of Urdu-Poetry in the UK. So, if you’re looking for the best Urdu-Poetry in the UK, look no further!

بے موت مر جاتے ہیں

بے آواز رونے والے


The immortals die

Voiceless weepers


अमर मर जाते हैं

निःशब्द रोनेवाले

ہم نے چھرے پہ مسکراہٹ رکھ کر

آئینے کو اکثر گمراہ کیا


We put a smile on the face

The mirror often misleads


हम चेहरे पर मुस्कान लाते हैं

आईना अक्सर गुमराह कर देता है

تم مت کھولنا میری ماضی کی کتابوں کو

جو تھا وہ رہا نہیں جو ہوں کسی کو پتا نہیں


Do not open my past books

No one knows what was and what is


मेरी पिछली किताबें मत खोलो

क्या था और क्या है कोई नहीं जानता

عشق ہوتا نہیں اترتا ہے

غاردل پرکسی وحی کی طرح


Love does not happen

Like a revelation to the cave heart


प्यार नहीं होता है

गुफा दिल के लिए एक रहस्योद्घाटन की तरह

زندگی سے زندگی روٹھی رہی

آدمی سے آدمی برہم رہا


Life continued to cry

The man was angry with man


जिंदगी रो रही थी

आदमी आदमी से नाराज था।

یوں تو کہنے کو بہت لوگ شناسا میرے

کہاں لے جاؤں تجھے اے دل تنہا میرے


Many people I know say so

Where should I take you, my lonely heart?


मुझे जानने वाले बहुत से लोग ऐसा कहते हैं

मैं तुम्हें कहाँ ले जाऊँ, मेरा अकेला दिल?

لوگ کہتے ہیں کہ نفرت خراب چیز ہے

تو محبّت نے ہمیں کونسا جھولا جھلایا


People say that hate is a bad thing

So what kind of swing did love swing us?


लोग कहते हैं कि नफरत बुरी चीज है

तो प्यार ने हमें किस तरह का झूला झुलाया?

مجھ کو چاہتے تم اگر تو پاتے مجھ کو

مجھ کو ہر روز پرکھ کر گنوایا تم نے


If you want me, you can find me

You failed me by testing me every day


अगर तुम मुझे चाहते हो, तो तुम मुझे पा सकते हो

तुमने मुझे हर दिन परख कर मुझे विफल कर दिया

ہم محفل میں ہو کے بھی اکیلے ہوتے ہیں


Even when we are at a party, we are alone


जब हम किसी पार्टी में होते हैं तब भी हम अकेले होते हैं

جس دور سے ہم گزرے ہیں

تم گزرتے تو شاید گزر ہی جاتے


The era we have passed through

If you were to pass, you would probably pass


हम जिस दौर से गुजरे हैं

यदि आप पास होते, तो आप शायद पास हो जाते

میں نے خالص اور بے پناہ محبتیں

صرف میتوں پر ہی نچھاور ہوتے دیکھی ہیں


I love pure and abundant

Only dead bodies have been seen


मुझे शुद्ध और प्रचुर मात्रा में प्यार है

लाशें ही नजर आई हैं

ہم تو جی بھی نہیں سکے اک ساتھ

ہم کو تو ایک ساتھ مرنا تھا


We could not even live together

We were meant to die together


हम साथ रह भी नहीं सकते थे

हम एक साथ मरने के लिए बने थे

یہ مقدر تھا کہ شطرنج کی تھی چالیں جاناں

میرے اکثر رہے گردش میں ستارے !! جاناں


It was destiny to know the moves of chess

I often have stars in my rotation!! go


शतरंज की चाल जानना नियति थी

मेरे चक्कर में अक्सर तारे होते हैं !! जाओ

غالبؔ نے عشق کو جو دماغی خلل کہا

چھوڑیں یہ رمز آپ نہیں جان پائیں گے


Ghalib called Ishq a mental disturbance

Skip these codes you will not know


ग़ालिब ने इश्क़ को एक मानसिक अशांति बताया

इन कोड्स को छोड़ दें जिन्हें आप नहीं जानते होंगे

میں اکثر بھول جاتا ہوں تلخ باتیں رقیبوں کی

مگر اُن کے رویوں کو ہمیشہ یاد رکھتا ہوں


I often forget the bitter words of rivals

But I always remember their behavior


मैं अक्सर विरोधियों के कड़वे बोल भूल जाता हूं

लेकिन मुझे उनका व्यवहार हमेशा याद रहता है

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